Should I ask her out or not?

I met this girl about a month ago in class, since then we've been talking everyday that we had the same classes.
Since last week we started chatting on facebook everyday. Even after the classes that we had together.
So I've noticed that I'm starting to like her a lot.
Now next week we don't have class so i won't be seeing her that week.

I was going to ask her out yesterday but didn't get the chance.
Now I'm wondering if it's too soon to ask her out, because it has only been 4 weeks and I don't know if she likes me.

Should I ask her out when chatting with her on facebook or wait until I'm sure that she likes me and then ask her in a few weeks?


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  • I definitely think you should ask her out. If a guy was talking to me every day for a month and still hadn't asked me out, I'd be beginning to think he didn't like me lol. Go for it :)

    • but isn't it weird if I didn't ask her yesterday in person and then just ask her on facebook?

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    • ok, so I asked her out yesterday but she hasn't read my message yet. Either she has seen part of it in a popup and decided to ignore it. Or she just didn't see the notification and has no idea that I send a message.
      So now whatever I will send her she might see that I asked her out and it will be awkward

    • Latest update is that she responded and said she can't go on a date with me. More specific she said she wants to but can't because of having too much school work

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  • Yup. Go for it. If you wait too long, she might be interested in someone else.


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