Do other guys do this when they meet and girl and want to hook up?

I normally just say "hey" then carry on with a random conversation and gauge her react towards me. When she starts asking me questions about myself (but they're irrelevant to the conversation topic) I know she's somewhat interested in me as a person. Then I steer then conversation toward flirting/dating to see how she responds. By that time I can tell whether or not she's interested in me romantically. I'll use a good opportunity to smoothly and casually compliment her, yet using very direct language like "honestly you're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life". Then I carry on the conversation like I'm not flirting at all. Every once in a while during the conversation I'll casually give a compliment or steer the conversation towards ideas that suggest her and I more than complete strangers, to break down more of her walls; until I convince her that kissing a guy she just met 15 minutes ago is a great idea. Luckily my lips are perfect for kissing and I'm REALLY good at it. If we make out and it's good then I know I'll have her in bed within the next hour or so based on our schedule. But before then I'll just be chill and let her blab on about whatever she wants so she gets comfortable around me and I bring I find ways to steer her mind towards sexual interests.


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  • you're very cocky...

    • No shit? But I didn't display that in my post.

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    • I didn't get that...

    • thanks for the MH

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  • Nah i dont even have to do anything girls just want to hookup with me because im hot.

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