What's it like dating a Turkish guy?

I met this guy recently who's originally from Turkey and just moved to America in my city. He's shown great interest in me and I'm willing to give things a try and see how it works out. So I was wondering, has anyone here ever dated a Turkish guy? His English isn't perfect but it's still decent. What can I expect?


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  • Boring cuz he constantly asks "what do you think of turkey?"


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  • Well from what I've heard, as I know that my Vietnamese cousin dating a Turkish man as well (a little over a year to be precise), I can say her boyfriend is kind, sweet, funny, treats me with respect, respects my beliefs ( She is Christian, he is Muslim), and loves for who she is.

    As wonderful as this may sound, do not go into the relationship expecting all Turkish men to be like this. I mean no disrespect; I am merely saying a general question like this is acting as if Turkish men came off assembly lines like cars. It doesn't work like that.

    If you go into the relationship expecting the man to act a certain way based on his ethnic background, it could potentially backfire. But do not go into the relationship with no expectations; go in with the expectations any woman should have when dating any man: expect him to respect you and your beliefs (tho he may not agree with them), love you (and you him), not to force you into anything you do not want to do or feel comfortable doing, etc. At the same time treat him as you would want to be treated.

    Just get to know him better. Your heart will know if he is worth it. Trust me, my cousin's heart did it for her. :)


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