His kisses are bad but he is awesome?

I have known this guy for a few years now, when we met at first we were just friends but he wanted more from me. I wasn't ready for anything with him cause I was not over the last guy. So we stopped all contact until one day and we ended up cuddling so I ran away. The next time we met was half a year afterwards when he wanted to meet and we ended up making out. There is just this weird thing that I think his breath smells and he has too dry lips... I took it as a sign I should end things with him, I mean, why would those things bother me if he was right for me?
Now a year has passed and I wanted to talk to him, he wanted too so we met and things got again to a weird situation, this time much further. I like him a lot but I still think he smells and he has too dry lips, kissing him doesn't feel like kissing the guy I was crazy about...

But I think I like him also, do you think I should continue with him even if our kisses are bad or should I just ask him to be just a "cuddling"-friend for the lonely days? I really like his warm and tight hugs... But maybe i should stop bothering him and leave him alone? He is so sweet and cute that I almost cried out loud when he asked me: what is wrong?
I wouldn't want to be in a friends with benefits relationship because I am after the right person to date, not just someone to jump into bed with... with him i almost did it.
I have never been in a relationship and I don't really know if I am ever gonna be in one if I am this critical...

  • Leave him, kisses should be good
  • Try it, see where it goes
  • Just cuddle
  • friends with benefits, just don't kiss him
  • Tell him
  • Be lonely and find someone better at kissing
  • Other?
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How would you tell someone their kisses are bad without hurting them? I really don't wanna hurt him...
Any suggestions?


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  • thats gross Tell him to use mouth wash and chap stick


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  • Eithet carry mints and give him one before you start (take one yourself so it's not obvious, and actually pour it into your hand so he doesn't have the opportunity to say no)
    Wear a tonne of Chapstick and kiss him, then comment how amazing they feel afterwards?

    • Smooth, but I dunno if it helps. His lips are really like sandpaper. I have always soft lips so it scratches my lips and makes them sore. But the mints is a good way

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    • Yeah, sounds like the best way to just be honest about it. But now he hasn't contacted me, so I don't know if there is even need for sorting it out. He is oddly distant, maybe I was too hesitant the last time we met.

    • Could be that too

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  • What the hell? If my kisses are bad, then just tell me! Spit it out! And guess what, a guy can get better at kissing, why don't you try telling him what you like? TEACH him how to kiss! My God! How else is he gonna learn? If this "hurts" him, you tell him to stop being a baby and learn how to kiss you like a man, and then SHOW him how to do it and say, "Like that." Try building the guy up instead of expecting him to already be perfect. Gee whiz!

    • Well I have only once been crazy about a guy and he knew exactly how to kiss me. I don't think he was a talent, it just happened to be right. I actually like a little dry lips but his lips are like sandpaper, and the smell makes it harder to tell him, I mean who wants to tell someone their breath smells? Really? Everyone will get hurt... That is how I feel like. Have you any suggestions on how to tell him?

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    • Girl, what can I tell you, other than "Toughen up." Don't take this as a hostile statement, but you're not gonna be a good girlfriend in ANY relationship if you can't learn to be brutally honest in a loving, supporting way. That's relationship 101 stuff. Part of being a grown up. Like public speaking, lots of people are scared of public speaking, they're scared, they feel sick, they're no good at it, but sometimes in life, it comes up and it's unavoidable, so you bite down on your teeth and you get through it as best you can and you brush yourself off on the other side. If it all goes wrong, and it becomes a big fight, and he never wants to see you again, well, you still did the both of youse a favor. Because if he can't TAKE criticism, that's just as bad if not WORSE than your inability to give it. Does this make sense?

    • Yeah makes sense... I think you are right. Maybe I will get those words out of my mouth

  • How about you show him how to do it the way you like it.

    • Show him how to smell less and have softer lips? πŸ˜…

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    • Haha, I guessed so. Well, how should I express that without hurting him?

    • Men's feelings aren't that frail. Be straightforward, but show you care about him and you aren't just attacking him, or, god forbid, nagging him.

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  • Tell him nicely about how your senses are very sensitive, like your lips are very soft and that he if just tried exfoliating his that it would make things way more smooth:) I think he'll get the hint.

    • Good suggestion, but the smell/taste is also a problem..

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    • Haha, good πŸ˜‹ I'll have to try that. I think I have to buy some good ones

    • Good luck! ☺️