Doe this girl like me?


So I've been on two dates with this girl and I just can't read her vibe or intentions. we text pretty much everyday we don't text an awful lot but when we do she writes paragraphs. we don't really flirt though well its not blaintenly at least I can't pick it up lol. The two dates were fun It seems like she's interested in getting to know me but still no flirting and no kisses or hugs lol not that I went in for any of them lol. they last long though the first time we met at 7 and did;t leave each other until 2 and the second was long to. it seems like she's interested because she talks to me but to what extent. she does;t really flirt and no really kissing. does she like me more then a friend possibily and how would I know like indications?

Doe this girl like me?
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