How to improve my (no) skill at reading the signs?

I am terrible at reading the sings. I never get the hint. I guess it's because I'm so straight forward and honest. I either exaggerate or don't realize at all. But exaggerate more often. For example, I will think that a guy likes me if he stares at me, or smiles at me. If he gives me THAT look, every neuron in my brain will give it a green light, I would be absolutely sure that he wants me. Especially if that look keeps repeating. And if they become friendly with me I get my hopes even higher. Just so that in the end they would reject me. I don't get it. This happened so many times. I seriously have no clue how to read "romance" vibe vs "friends" vibe vs "just being polite" vibe when it comes to guys.
I've been single for 2 years and I'm kinda getting desperate. I fall in love so easily. I can't help it, I'm so easy. And I am constantly surrounded by cute and nice guys, I crush so easily. But in most cases they just want to be friends or just being polite with me.
Recently I developed a new crush and I'm sure it's gonna be another failure. This guy and I don't know each other, but a month ago he helped me with something and ever since then we started greeting each other whenever we bump into each other. This doesn't happen often, but it happened 3 times this week, and we always lock eyes at each other. He always smiles and says "hi" first. That's about it, but even that is enough for me to crush on him. He's very cute. But I'm not gonna do anything about it. I learned not to pursue guys anymore. I just give all the green lights and if he wants me he should come and get me. But I really want to know how to read those goddamn signs!


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  • Growing some empathy helps


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