Is he interested or not?

My teacher is very entertaining and jokes around during most of his lectures a lot, yet since the first day of class he showed no respect to the students by ridiculizing or mimicking them.. yet he has treated me differently, with respect and undivided attention. I mean most of the time I'm serious, quiet, doing my work and I participate only when I want to. I notice he stares at me when Im distracted, there have been moments when we lock eye contact and we end up smiling at each other or feel awkward about it.. he refused to remember his students names but he remembers mine clearly.. the other day he asked me to visit during office hours to find out my grade, he took way longer with me than he did with other students showing me his office decoration.. he also seems to enjoy when he makes me laugh which is truly rare... I'm social with my classmates but when class starts I do my work and stay quiet. I've always been a bit dummy when picking on guys interest signals and certainly I don't want to mess up here. Any suggestions or thought help. Thanks :)

Ps. My teacher in not married and he is my college teacher...

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  • He sure sounds interested but... I'm not sure you should go in that direction with a teacher. I'd hate for something ugly to happen. Then again, you two are consenting adults so you are of course free to do whatever you want!

    • thank you for your answer, I will have your words in mind since I'm still unclear about his real position. Again thank you 😊

  • he's interested but I don't think student-teacher relationship is a good thing


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