Why women become weird when they have crush on someone?

1. Actually my friend (girl) is having an insane crush on this guy for about 2 months.

2. Whenever she talks to me, all she says is how good looking he is, how rich he is, how down to earth he is, how funny he is and how she is obsessed with him.

3. She has even closed her facebook as she says, she has found the perfect guy and no other guy can match him and now she has no interest in any other guy but him.

4. That guy has told her that he likes her but thats all, and she doesn't even know his name nor does he.

Is this normal for a woman to behave like this or she is really in love?

  • Its normal, maybe she is in love as she has deactivated her fb and doesn't want to date any other guy, tell her to talk to that guy as she knows he likes her, she should talk to him , then she will be at peace.
  • Its not normal, tell her to go to a therapist or dating some other people.
  • Please comment (if other)
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  • How could she possibly be in love with someone she doesn't even know? Love and infatuation are two completely different things. She's infatuated with this guy and because of it she's on an emotional high. Real love is when that high dies down, they get on your nerves, you know all their flaws and still choose them each and every day. Infatuation is what blinds you from their very human flaws. Love is seeing those flaws and still being there in the end. There really isn't anything romantic about love and it's still the most beautiful thing in the world.

    • She says he is perfect , and she can't get him out of his mind, and she cries all the time,
      what should i tell her?, should i tell her that she should talk to that guy coz she already knows that he likes her?

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    • He told her 2 months back "hey i like u"
      but she walked away coz she was too shy, and now she has been giving him signs that she likes him but he is not making the move and she says she doesn't want to fck it up and she really likes him.
      Since, he is not making any move now, should i tell her to go upto him and strike up conversation?

    • That's what I would do yeah. I have a question. Do you like your friend?

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  • can't be in love with someone she doesn't know yet it's just she is attracted to him i think you may go to that guy talk to him try to know how would be his reaction if she told him and what he thinks about her

    • He has already approached my friend and told her "hey i like u"
      and she walked away because she is too shy,
      since then its been 2 months, she is giving him signs but he is not making any move now.
      should i tell her, that now she should talk to him straight?

    • obviously yes I think she has a clear signal

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  • It's totally abnormal, obsession isn't healthy.

    • Whats the solution bro?
      coz the more he ignores her , the more obsessed she becomes of him.
      Should she should talk to him?

    • He should tell her to fuck off, and she should start acting more her age instead of some insane 13 year old into Justin Bieber or some shit

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