What should I do about my relationship?

We had a 3 day break cause we got into a huge fight she left the apartment and she came back.
Now the following goes on (some of these already have been going on)

1) She never wants to do anything but when her friends ask her to do something she jumps right up and goes.
2) I bring up problems in the relationship and problems with how she reacts and I get told to shut the fuck up , you're annoying, and go away already.
3) Only time she really talks or is nice is when it involves something that benefits her other than that I'm annoying , etc.
4) Also says this relationship isn't going to work because Noone tries
She's rude until I snap and says see this is why we won't work out because you aren't gonna change.


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What Girls Said 2

  • 1. Clearly shows where her priorities are.
    2. Is verbally abusive.
    3. Clearly shows what she thinks of you.
    4. Clearly shows she doesn't care about this relationship and isn't putting in any effort.

    • So what would your advice be?

    • Break up with them. All of that behavior is very unhealthy for a relationship and it's pretty clear that she has no interest in treating you with any kind of respect or basic human decency. Don't ever be in a relationship with someone who treats you like this.

  • I think she is over your relationship because she isn't even trying to put effort into saying your relationship and she is verbally abusive


What Guys Said 1

  • End it. she does not care about you at all. She sounds like a horrible person. Who she was before is gone.

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