How do I get over the fact that he slept around during our break?

We were together 5 years. One day we had a fight and didn't speak by phone or saw each other again for 8 months. He kept in brief contact via text but none of us apologize. I fell he was in the wrong. We met again 8 months later and are now we are working on our relationship. But he confessed he had slept with two girls. I am devastated. I told him that he gave up too soon, we were not officially broken up and he should had fought for us. He said he taught I was already dating, did not think he would see me again and I should have dated too.


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    Sorry it's hard to accept but 6-8 months with minimal communication.. YOU WERE ON A BREAK. For all he knew you could've been doing the same thing. Now try to accept that fully. If you can't there might be problems later on.


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  • You were apart for 8 months! That's a break up..

  • the 8-month period of time is considered a break up so... his action is expectable


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