How do I approach a guy on facebook without looking needy?

So here's my situation. I know this guy whom I've met 3 times in person, always with the company of others. I like him and he seems to be interested in me too although I am not sure about that. I added him on facebook 2 weeks ago and he has liked a couple of my pictures but we haven't spoken on fb yet. I should mention that he is a quite handsome guy with lots of girls liking him and texting him on Messenger. I'd like to talk to him but I don't want to be just another girl who has a crush on him and tries to attract his attention. If I actually start a conversation with him on facebook, what steps should I take?


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  • If you've seen him in person, try and get him alone there

    • I'll probably see him again in 2 weeks, I can't wait till then

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  • Do you guys share any common interests? Also how old is this guy?

    • I am 20 and he is 19. We both like music very much and we also come from the same place but we now live in another town because we are both students.

    • I see... any artists the both of you listen to? I find music a good way to start conversations sometimes because you could ask if he's gone to any concerts with said artist or would be interested in going to one. What did you guys talk about when you met up?

    • Just to make this clear, we live in the same town so there are no distance problems.
      But what should I do? Suddenly start talking to him about some band or sth without any obvious reason? I think that's lame :/

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