Advice for my current situation?

I'm in high school and I've liked this one girl for about 2 years. She is a year older than me, but we have been friends for a very long time (6-7 years). I eventually balled up and asked her to go with me to homecoming. She was also hinting at me to ask her so I was a little encouraged at that. I asked her and she said yes, so of course I was very, very happy at the time. Basically a day or two before the dance, a counselor came to me and told me that she was ineligible. I told her this, but there was nothing for me to do to get her into the dance. I still took her to dinner and everything and she told me she enjoyed the night and wanted to go to prom with me. I was ecstatic, I had finally wooed the girl of my dreams, but I was not sure. A couple days after the dance she admitted attraction to me. I said I liked her back and then asked her to do something sometime. I forgot I had a long trip planned for the next ten days so we could not. During the ten day trip we talked over text and exchanged information about each other's days and how school was going. Not much else happened during that time. When I got back, we hanged out and there was another guy there. She almost always hanged out with this guy and I was a little suspicious, but I thought he was just a good friend. During that day, she expressed wanting "to do something stupid, but I don't want to push you into it," in her words. Anyways, a few days passed and I figured out that this guy she had been hanging out with was, in fact, her boyfriend. I have given this girl a lot of stuff. I bought her food with expense to her, and I mean a lot of food. She also said that I was one of the nicest guys she had met and that her parents wanted her to date me. I'm sure this was a major influence in her telling me that she liked me, but then she just turned around and started dating this other guy. So, I need some advice on this; do you think that she never thought we were in a relationship, or is she just using me.


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  • She probably was just using u, which is sad. She already had a boyfriend yet she still let you like her and lead you on. Maybe she just didn't want to hurt ur feelings.

    • I appreciate your opinion on this.

  • In my opinion" I don't think she was using you, I think she is a (or is a future) hoe. Sounds like she wanted you and her boyfriend at the same time. If she was decent, she would have told you about him. Leave her alone

    • Thanks for taking the time to read this and reply to me.

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