So I'm a 13 year old I went to meet with this girl and need some help?

So basically we met it was me and her and her bff and we just walked around the town talking and she kept complimenting my hair and then started hugging me and then she eventually grabbed my ass and wouldn't let go hugging and she said can I kiss you so I said yes and she bit my lip it's my first kiss and then she hugged me and went home and said text me I knew I should have said this but she has a boyfriend so I don't know what to do fos no she's mad at me cos he broke up with her and I'm in love with this girl
what should I do?


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  • Bruh, if she has a boyfriend, leave her alone. You are too young to get yourself wrapped up in that type of drama. Also too young to have someone grab you like that. Too young to even date. Go be a child. Enjoy childhood a little more.
    Plus, you don't want to be someone's side chick.

  • how old is she? It seems she is cheating just dont meet again


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