Girls, will you friendzone a guy if you think your not good enough?

for example you think you stand no chance?

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What Girls Said 3

  • if he's the only one i love/like no but if there's more yea... right now i'm kinda in that kinda situation.. well recently at least... i couldn't make him that happy so that's 1 reason i don't feel good enough for him but i still date him whenever i get a chance because he's the only one i love

  • If i feel like he's too good for me i might because i'll think that he deserves someone better than me.

    • so if he asked you out after you friendzoned him you would say i don't see you in that way?

    • Now that I'm thinking about it, if i really liked him, maybe i WOULD go out with him, i just feel like in some cases it would feel weird to be with someone way out of my league lol

  • Pretty much.