Womanizering fathers? How do you think they typical act if they have a daughter?

My father is a womanizer. Since I was born he didn't really get emotional close to me. I would beg for him to take me out to the movies as a child. I barely saw him. I would only see him once a week. Then my parents got divorced, and I didn't see him for 3 months. He also had supervised visits. That's the only time he would take my brother and me out. I'm 24 now and it's still the same. We go out together sometimes, but very rarely. The thing is we never fight. We don't talk about my love life. I told him I wasn't getting married and he got mad and made a bunch of sexist comments
the thing is I know my father is a womanizer and he uses women for sex.
i don't trust any men, at all. I don't want commitment with any men because of that. My father has ideas of what kind of man I should marry.
i feel like with the type of men I love, my father will hate because I like what's opposite of what he wants for me.
My father does not approve of many of the things I do also. Like partying and being "careless"
the thing is I know he's a womanizer. This whole thing is very interesting to me
because im the only girl he will only care for


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