I've tried to see them again and none of them are having it.

So in the last month I've had three girls just start texting me out of the blue and ask me to come hang out with them. All three girls and I have gone out, had a great time, got a little tipsy and gone back to their/my place and well...you know...messed around. Nothing serious, I didn't sleep with any of them. BUT all of them enjoyed it...doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

Problem is...I've tried to see them again and none of them are having it. I'm very, very careful not to make a girl think I just want a piece of @ss or to come across as a creeper.

WTF's up with this?


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  • Are all those girls friends? Because if they all started texting you at the same time, and wanted to hang out around the same time period- they probably set you up. Girls tend to trick guys sometimes, and yes, if you fooled around with 3 girls and they all three know it, you most likely won't hear from them again; because they will definitely get the idea that you only want a piece of A.

    On the other hand, if these girls didn't know anything about you being involved with other girls, maybe they just wanted to have a good time for one night; that's also something girls tend to like doing (one night stands). It's nothing against you, they just wanted some fun!

    Or... Maybe you did act like a creeper towards them? It's just weird that they all reacted the same way. Something's telling me they all 3 planned something out, I don't know.

    I personally think if you want to find a stable relationship, you have to start by just hanging out, and not moving into anything serious (like drinking, and doing 'things'). Get to know them on a personal/emotional level, and you'll see that they will be a lot more attached to you!


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  • Not sleeping with someone doesn't mean you didn't have very close proximity to the nether regions... maybe the other girls sensed it on you... maybe you gave it away with your demeanor. Hard to know.

  • Wow, short of being able to get honest answers from these girls, that is a real headscratcher. All I can imagine is something about that night or how you tried to contact them afterwards did not work for them. Maybe you are trying too hard to appear like a nice guy or a non-creeper.


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  • 4some!

    haha. misogynistic humor.

    alright, seriously, if they were friends, then they would probably know about your encounters with the rest of them. in that case, they've pinned you down as "that guy that we've all hooked up with and would be kind of awkward to hook up with again because two of my friends did the same and still might be doing so..."

    or they just wanted some play. if this is the case, and you wanted some more, then I'm sorry man.

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