Does he like me and he does not want to admit it?

I have moved to a new country and met this really nice guy. we have been on 8 dates in 2 weeks. this weekend we saw each other everyday. he took me everywhere and he always pays for everything, unless I really insist on paying. he never kissed me, touched me or complimented me. yesterday I decided to ask him wether we were just friends, he said yes what sort of question is this? would a "just friend" do all of this? what do you think guys? am so confused...


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  • He likes you, but he does not want to make the move in fear of rejection. The best thing you can do is to either tell him that you like him or make the first move yourself :)


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  • A guy who pays for a girl ALL the time does not just see her as "just friends". There is definitely an attraction there. He wouldn't invest so much time and effort on someone if he doesn't like you. He is just probably shy or scared to make a move.

    How is his body language?

    Does he smile a lot when you hang out?
    Does he look directly in your eyes when you speak?
    Does he go out of his way to make you feel comfortable when you guys hang out?

    If all the answers are yes, he is definitely interested.

    • all the answers are yes... now, not sure how to behave around him

    • You either make your move or get comfortable with how you guys are.

      I'd let him know whether or not I like him. No point in wasting time. At least you will get clarity.

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  • 8 dates in 2 weeks? This guy is either scared of making the first move, afraid of the friendzone since you
    Asked about friendship or he genuinely only sees you as friends. Is there any flirting at all? Most guys are actually interested in their female friends to some extent either way so you have a chance even if he only sees you as a friend. That being said I'd assume he's attracted to you. That's how guys work. We like to be around attractive people and you've been hanging around a lot.

    • no, no flirting at all... but he has done more stuff for me in 2 weeks than my ex has done during the 6 years we were together

    • Well that's cool, good for you. Suggest doing something that can lead to sex or whatever. something a little more romantic. Make a move from there and see where it takes you.

  • You need to put the moves on him..

    • how? after he told me yes just friends don't know how to act around him anymore...

    • You tell him you want to be more than friends.. You're at least 30. We tend to get more direct and to the point!

    • I am worried if he rejects me then I would ruin our friendship... he is a very nice guy and don't want to loose him as a friend

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  • Unfortunately I think most guys are pretty straight forward. If he said you're just friends then that's probably what you are. Have you tried to touch him, initiate a kiss etc? On the flip side he could be shy about making a move.

    • no have not tried... this is why I asked him wether we were friends only to see if he likes me and maybe wants me to make the first move because he is a shy guy.

    • I'd give it a few more chances and be proactive.