How to date a girl if you are a shy guy?

It is really hard for me to talk to a girl. I can talk, when I have an exact topic, which about I should ask, but no spontaneous conversations.


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  • Force yourself to talk to women, it's an acquired skill. Focusing on actually listening to her instead of worrying about what would be the best thing for you to say next. Be with her in the present space and not in your head. Look around, have the ability to comment about what's going on around you, even better if you can use it as a source of humor. Ultimately I could ramble on for ages about what to say and what not to say, but the best thing you can do is to go out and practice.

  • From my experience as someone with the same problem, you don't.
    But from what I've been told, you just need to force yourself to get some practice. That means getting into some really awkward situations if things don't go well and probably getting shut down by some girls.