Is it possibe to get a man to notice you and care about you again?

My friend and i had been talking for a little over a yr when he suddenly became distant and i found out he was with someone else. We still have sex but its not the same. I don't know what to do cause i really like him and im not ready to let him go. I have stopped contacting him tho and only respond when he calls me which is for sex the only reason i responsd is because he gets mad and think im ignoring him. Maybe if i keep my distant and dont bring the other girl and what he's doing for her up. He will notice me again and try not to complain about the situation and just hope we can go back but i guess i just need to face the fact that its over.


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  • Face the fact that it's over. he sounds like an uncaring douche and is just using you for sex. Keep your self respect and ditch him

  • It was over when you found out he was with someone else. Or it should have been. You loved him so much you were fine with the little attention he still gave you, which was him using your body for sex and manipulating your vulnerable heart. And he even has the gall to get mad when you don't respond to his booty call?

    It sounds like he finally lost all interest. Don't go back to him and beg. He's an asshole through and through. And you'll never get what you really want from him… just more pretending and stringing along and using.

    I wish you every happiness for the future. It's with a much better guy. :-)


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  • If I were you I would move on from this guy. He's just using you on the side and you deserve and can do better than that.