Asking the female for her number and determining interest?

Hi GAG, first question in well over a year!!! WTF

So anyways, I'm trying to get back out there and have been out and about a little and I can approach girls and strike up a semi-convo but I always freeze when its getting time to leave and I fail to ask for their number. Like something in me feels like I should talk more before showing interest but the only way to talk now is by phone so lol it doesn't work. Basically I was in the mall and was walking through it and I glanced and saw this pretty girl that worked in one of the stores looking me dead in the eye and broke it when I looked at her so I went and did something for a bit and came back and went into that store she worked in. She was super nice and making all kinds of eye contact and I asked to try on a pair of shoes she said would look good on me and she brought out like 4 pairs and said she had some other shoes she wanted me to put on just because they "looked funny". So we did and she was saying "ohh look how cute they look on you" and laughing and we started talking about what she did and what school she went to. But turns out they didn't have my size of the shoe she liked in stock so she ordered them for me and I told her I was coming back so she could approve lol. Wow I typed all that :/

Sooooooo after all that, I'm gonna attempt to get her number when I go back. What would be a good way to get to that point? Just outright ask or? Haha if you read all that then thank you, at least I used proper grammar ;) Have a good one!


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  • Just keep it simple and natural. Tell her 'thank you' for her help in finding you a pair of shoes. Maybe say that you would like to get to know her more and mention getting together sometime when she's off of work. Then just ask for her number. :)


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  • "Hey, thanks for all your hard work in finding me a pair of shoes! Maybe I can repay you by taking you out for dinner?"

    • I like it!

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    • I like this guy! Not brutal and knowledgeable, I shall follow you! Haha thanks man

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  • Yes ask her outright, maybe say something like you'd like to get to know her outside of the work environment... and then ask if you can have it. I hope this helps

  • Tell her you'd like to take the shoes for a test walk and would prefer doing it with her


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