Are you more likely to date a confident jerk or a shy loyal guy (read description)?

Choose honestly what guy are you likely to give a chance. You may not like his behaviour but you are more likely to date him.

This question might sound a bit strange because I don't think any girl would like to be treated like shit but that's not the point of the question.

Consider two guys: both are attractive, smart, have good qualities. The first one is a jerk that wants to get as many girls as he wants, the second one is a bit shy and doesn't have a lot of experience.

You know the second guy will take care of you better than the first one but who will you choose? I am more like the second guy and I noticed most girls want a caring guy like me but in order for me to get the girl I need to start off as a confident jerk. That's exactly the situation I came across recently, this girl likes me but dates some jerks and then she complains that all guys are jerks except me. So I need to become a jerk to date her but when we are together I should transform into a nice guy.

I just left her alone and she is apparently depressed because of this but I don't care. Are most girls like this or it is not that common?

  • A confident jerk that will treat me like shit.
  • A shy guy who will treat me like a queen.
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  • I would say I'd chose the shy loyal guy but that would be a lie lol. I have chosen the jerk before, if the opportunity presented itself again. I hope I'll chose the nice guy. It's really about chemistry


Most Helpful Guy

  • I want a shy giu that will treat me like a queen!

    ... no homo tho.


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  • Girls will pick the confident jerk 99/100 times, but they'll say the opposite most of the time

  • In real life confident jerks are more preferable lol

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