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I asked one of my female friends to come with me downtown. She said "Can I dress cute?" and then asked if it was just us. I said yes and yes. She seemed really happy and excited? Did that mean she wants it to be a date, and she likes me? or what does "Can I dress cute?" really mean?


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  • I think she likes you a little.. I don't know you haven't provided a lot of information. How long have you been friends? Do you guys ever flirt? Are you attracted to her or interested at all?

    • Been friends around a hear I would say, flirted quite a bit for a while, went on one date, but she sort of backed off, I don't know. She dated other guys, me other girls. Then all the sudden, she starts being more flirty and wants to go out...

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    • Same let me know too lmao 😂 I think she likes you, she sounds like me when I'm excited about a crush and say strange things like that lol.

    • @lawstudent931 Haha, alrighty, will update, well, when everything happens haha

  • she is strange


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