What should I do, a I in love with him?

I basically dated this guy about 5 months back for about 3 months and we were taking it slow, never had sex but we got sexual only once and I saw him a lot at school and he took me out places. He ended things by randomly ghosting me one time and never replying to my message which SUCKED. He messaged me a couple times after though apologising and about 3 months ago he messaged me saying he wanted to make things right and take me out however he then ignored me again. He's two years older than me and recently went to a university about 2 hours away from where I live but his home is close to mine. It's been 5 months and I still find myself crying about him and missing him which is crazy as I haven't even seen him. I was also with a different guy about 2 months ago which ended on his terms as he's a total prick and I thought I liked him but got over him so quickly. I don't know why I still like this guy as i had two previous relationships quite close before him which I was with them for a lot longer and was more serious however I don't care about them at all. Just yesterday he texted me saying a photo of me looked really hot and we were talking for a bit when we were drunk and he was saying you should come up and see me at uni and i said only if you talk to me and he kept saying i promise i'll talk to you i won't ignore you and all this and we've messaged a few times today just him asking how my night was and i don't know what to do, do i forgive him o move on? I'm so confused as to what his intentions are etc and it's so hard as i think im in love with him


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  • Just leave him alone!!

    Women GET OUT of our lives

    • Umm wtf?

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    • Sick beast wtf are u 😂😂 "us" you don't even know who this guy is, pretty sad you commenting this on an obviously young girls question 😂

    • K just dump him please...

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  • Tell him that words don't mean anything, he needs to prove it to you with his actions and being consistent with you.

    • I said that I said actions speak louder than words and he says he knows, so confused and he started making conversation and then now he's being really blunt

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    • He messaged me this morning sober asking how my night was and we were talking for a bit and I said his texts weren't making sense last night (because they were in like a random order) and he replied legit straight away asking what he said and I said they weren't sending at the right time I think and he just replied now saying "oh right" which is so blunt and I don't know what to reply to it

    • Honestly like it's your choice but if you feel you can't trust him and he's not putting in effort then don't bother continuing with him but if you feel there's true potential then go ahead :)

  • What does "never had sex but we got sexual only once" mean?

    He wants to use you for sex. Plain and simple. He keeps you around to see if you'll actually have sex with him. When he's ignoring you he's found someone that will fuck him.

    He doesn't NOT love you. He feels NOTHING close to romantic feelings for you. You are an object for his pleasure.

    • We basically did oral only once the whole time we were seeing each other and did nothing else, Ik I would think you're right but it's the fact he's gone to uni 2 hours away and is messaging me when I'm not convenient like he's surrounded by girls there it's just confusing