My ex lover responds to my texts but doesn't text me first but will snap chat me and likes my insta photos all the time. What's he trying to play at?

We stopped seeing each other because he didn't want a relationship anymore - initially he did. He has a child so we taking things slowly. So I said I didn't want to be casual. We went a month with no contact and then I reached out to him and asked how he was. He now snapchats me regularly and likes my photos on Instagram. We've texted a little but he hasn't asked to meet up. Do you think he's interested again?


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  • Yes... But Only with His and Her History that He has Missed out on.
    Stand your Girl Guard Here, dear, he has Motive in Mind. He wants to to Pull on those Heart strings and Get you Where he Wants you. He also Wants to "Maybe" even 'Make' you this "Friends with Benefits," Where he Simply and Softly will Merely tell You: "We taking things slowly."
    Good luck. xx