Girls with hairy boyfriends how do you manage to feel attracted to him?

He is my first guy who happens to be a hairy guy. Seriously its such a disgusting thing to me personally. I asked him to shave it off everything but that was worse, it was hell cuddling with him all naked because he was like a cactus. My poor boobs :/

Maybe I will ask him to get whole body wax and see how it goes or else he is going out of my life.


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  • Not all women are turned off by male body hair.
    You seem a bit shallow but whatever makes you happy.

    • He has very hairy body

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    • It's not fun to rub hands on cut coarse hairs

    • Damn you're complicated... did you ever talk to him about this?

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  • You're so shallow. please break up with him. He deserves better!

    • I will certainly bream up with him soon. But once I will get him all waxed and see if I can handle him that way
      Let's see

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  • I've never been with a woman who didn't absolutely love my hair. And if ever one did, she would be kicked to the curb immediately. If you want a hairless guy, date a boy. If you're dating a man, expect him to look like a man.

    • You are trying to tell that you are e hairy guy, even have hairy chest and such ugliness and women in your life absolutely loved it?

    • That's what I'm saying. And it's for certain not ugly... but I also don't fuck around with women who have the mentality of a girl.

  • What? I would never shave. I'll feel ashamed of it if I shave. Eww

    • Aren't you a virgin boy?

    • I'm a virgin but I would never shave. It's disgusting...

    • What's so disgusting about being clean hairless man?
      You expect girls to be baby smooth but can't even make efforts to wax your own body so disgust.
      You have hair on chest and back?

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  • Because I love my boyfriend and I don't care that he is hairy.

    • How can you not care about the body if a boy with whom you are getting naked and sexual

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    • I don't know , to me looks and sex appeal matter a LOT
      A man being very hairy is a total turn off
      It's ugliest thing

    • Oh okay. Well good luck with everything.

  • Then break up with him? You sound like a brat anyways. It's just hair.

    • I bet you haven't been with a hairy man