Is it true that men/women find women or men who have problems with their parents undatable?

my mom and dad were abusive to me as a child, my mom would hit, scratch and attack me when she got mad, my dad would manipulate me and just ruin my self-esteem. I told my boyfriend a little bit what happened to me and he's like " oh wow i did not know that" of course my phone pocket dials my mom and she later tells me that my boyfriend is going to " run away" from me. BOTH my parents are narcissists and have denied any wrong doing and say I make it up. is it true men and women find their partner less attractive if they talk about their parents in a negative light?


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  • Not when abuse is involved. Most people find treating your parents bad unattractive because those are supposed to be the first people you ever love and it shows how much you actually care and how you will probably treat your SO in the future. When abuse is involved none of that comes into consideration.

  • No not at all. Some people have completely fine reasons not. to get along with their parents and many people understand that. Many people in general don't get along with their parents well, abuse or not and for many different reasons.

  • Depends. If the parents are horrible people, then it's not an issue. But if it's just a horrible relationship and they are decent people I'd be curious.

    • curious like how?

    • As to why it's that bad. If maybe part of it is her acting irrationally, to her parents or if I just don't understand what goes on behind closed doors. Family is important, but I understand that just because you're family doesn't mean you should be around eachother

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