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23 and single, by choice. Is that normal?

I'm a 23 years old girl. Good student, ambitious, friendly, popular but I've never been inclined towards dating. I love my life. It's fun and awesome. I have awesome girl friends. I get along with guys equally well. But any guy who has ever asked me out has, never seemed good enough. So I always passed. Is it okay to chose to be single and happy? And not try to get into a relationship or look for guys to get serious with? I am contended with my life right now. And I want to do so much. As long as settling with a man is concerned, I hope to get married (be it arranged I dont mind) to a nice guy maybe in the next 5 6 years or so without getting into the complications of young trying out stuff relationships. It's too much waste of my energy and I feel I'm not up for it.
Can anyone tell me if this is a normal way of thinking or am I mad for not wanting to be with a guy or testing things out?
23 and single, by choice. Is that normal?
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