I need to know what I should do with a relationship I have?

I went out for this girl for about a month and things started to get a little serious for her so she backed off a little. I respected it, and told her that I'll cool it down a little because I'm really into her and I don't want to ruin it. A few days later she came clean to me and said that she liked me but life was overwhelming her at the moment and she doesn't think she could handle a relationship. I told her I understood, and now we've been talking as friends for a few days. She said that she would be in a relationship with me if it weren't for college coming around next fall (we are seniors), and she doesn't want to have get o say goodbye like that. She said that there is still a chance that we could be together, and if she changes her mind she'd let me go. She wants to keep talking as friends for now and see where it goes. What should I do? I fell for this girl and saying goodbye like this would be heartbreaking. Should I move on immediately or should I stick around for a while and see how it goes?


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  • Move on. Don't get attached to her be friendly and just be friendly. Lose all the super duper feelings for her. Because if she decides to let you go and she gets with another guy in college then u shouldn't be hurt by that. Move on and lose the feelings for her for now so that u don't feel hurt in the future. Because in college, especially at a dorm university where people stay on campus, she could start seeing other guys. Don't be attached. that gets you hurt in the end. Move on and live your life.

  • i think you can continue talking to her if you want. no need to completely close the door. but i would certainly start looking around for other girls and relationships. no reason you essentially can't be her friend but still see what's out there for you

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