How to get her off my mind?

I fell in love with one of my friends she knows but has never given me a proper rejection so i kept on wondering if she had feelings for me somehow for awhile everything was going well we were getting closer and then suddenly she just stopped acting that way i hadn't seen her in two weeks she was ingnoring my texts then we went to a Halloween party together and thats when it really hit me that she must not want anything to do with me because she was talking to one of my friends about trying to find a boyfriend and i found out she has been hooking up with guys at bars and where to look right in front of me and then she ignored me the rest of the night i'm heartbroken and i dont want to see her anymore but i can't get her off my mind she i deleted her number from my phone and deactivated my facebook account and other social medias so i could get her off my mind but i still think about her and i work with her i also have dreams about her almost every night i've slipped into a depression now how can i move on from someone who i think could've been the one i really need help i'm supposed to go see a shrink this week but thats days frok now any advice would be appreciated


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  • Do something that you like like a hobby or play video games/tv/reading or anything that you enjoy there will be more people that you will like.