Do guys send pictures only if they interested in that girl?

I asked him to come over on the weekend and he said maybe on Sunday. Then I haven't heard from him till noon on Sunday, I was not happy with him being inconsiderate.. this wasn't the first time he took forever (+24hr) to text me. He's not a big texter, and I'm not either, but still he should have just let me know whether he could come/or not at least..
last time we hung out he confirmed to meet only 3hrs before we met. I don't know if it's him getting comfortable with me or what.
so I sent him a text saying him being inconsiderate is not cool, I would appreciate if he could let me know in advance next time. I wasn't being bitchy/clingy though.
then he texted me back saying he been busy,
it was pouring raining that time, he texted few mins later again 'it's pouring outside hope you inside safe' with a picture of raining outside from his car.

Its awesome when we together, he's sweet and thoughtful. but him being a horrible texter makes me not sure about us sometimes..
Im thinking if he lost interest, he could have just not bothered to suggest that he could meet on Sunday? And send me a picture like that? Because I don't waste my time and energy taking a picture and send to a guy unless I really like him or care.


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  • Nope not only when they are interested


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  • nope not only when they r interested

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