How do you know if a guy's intentions are just to have sex with you or if he is willing to take you seriously?

So I met this guy recently who works for a political campaign. Everytime I'm there, he offers me rides home although I always decline. He's invited me to go out with him several times. He's even told me that he likes me. The problem is that he recently just brought up my "inexperience" and shyness into a conversation and made me feel as if he was putting me down for being young. He is older than I am. He talked about how important sex is in a relationship and how guys want girls who are not shy about sex (He knows I'm a virgin). He even said that as I get older, guys are going to break my heart and use me up. I'm just wondering if this is basically him telling me that he's not that serious about me?


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  • sounds like a shit talker

    • can you elaborate?

    • If i knew a woman was a virgin, i would never make her feel self conscious about it by bringing up her shyness. in any interaction, you always need to be empathetic to the other person. With him going on about the other stuff, he sounds like a shit talking fucktard

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  • Sounds like the usual political bull. Young or not, I'd be sensitive to your needs as well.

    • How would you be sensitive to someone;s needs?

    • By listening to them. Sounds silly, I know. But how do we really know what each other is thinking? We talk. But half of talking is listening. The other half is reacting to what you've heard. It doesn't matter if you listen all day long, if you never act on it. I listen and act on what I learn. But that's me. Your mileage may vary.

  • Honestly he just sounds like he's known a lot of guys who treat girls terribly (and maybe has been/is one), and he's being brutally honest about the overly cynical way that he see's dating.

    • So you don't think he's that serious about me?

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    • Before that he was saying that he was a romantic and that he';s going to have to change the fact that I've never been on a "real romantic date"...

    • Well first of all, he just sounds like a really confusing person to try to understand.
      Yeah he might've been just been talking generally, I would've had to be there to have a good idea.
      What I meant by "a very sexual relationship" is that it sounds like sex is something that would be really important to him in the relationship, possibly more important than you be comfortable with, especially if you're not that experienced.
      The more you talk about him, the more confusing he seems.
      As to whether or not he's serious about you, I have no idea at this point.

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