Too shy to approach him!!! Never been in this situation before, help?

I have feelings for this guy, nothing between us happened yet and sometimes I think he might be into me, other times I feel like he's just being nice/friendly (tbh I'm almost sure its the last case). Anyway, I've had a massive crush for ages and I'm usually not shy when it comes to guys, but for some reason he makes me so awkward. The thought of approaching him or letting him know I'm interested alone sends me straight to anxiety attack mode. Help? What can I do

Anyone else?


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  • "Honesty is the best policy" Just be straight forward. Tell him you like him and you have for a long time. That's like literally the only way unless you just plan on waiting until he says something which he may or may not. "JUST DO IT" -Shia Lebouf


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  • XD write 'wanna go out with me? Yes or no' and hand it to him. I don't know if that would mesh with your personality though

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