Girls (or guys) what are your text rules when it comes to talking to a new guy you recently met?

Ladies, what are your text rules when it comes to talking to a new guy?

How often is too often? (Say you've been talking for a week or two at this point)
Do you treat texting differently when you meet a guy online versus in person?
If a guy gets your number, say at a bar, does it seem needy or annoying if he texts you in like an hour? (I'm guilty of this but if I do it, I just say something like, Hey, this is (name) it was great to meet you. I wanted to give you my number)

thanks all!


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  • There's no rule when I text a guy.
    I'm not a big texter. Once a day to just say what's up and stuff is good enough for me. I know many people like to text through out the day/ or keep conversation going, but that's not my thing. It would be nice if my guy texts me every day to just check up though.. so I know he thinks about me.
    Yes I text differently. Because I am not a big texter, I barely keep the conversation going.. sometimes I text back hours later.
    It does not seem needy at all. Honestly I prefer your way than some losers playing 'texting game' and text her days after. You got her number she knows you're interested then be a man and text her already.. seriously guys who play mind games are lame. Text her within 6hrs completely cool.
    If you trying to keep the conversation going while she's not really up for it, or if you keep texting her multiple times even before she gets a chance to reply back your first text.. that's needy. But text her in an hour to just let her know it was nice meeting her, giving her your number is fine.


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