I figured out my problem with women, now I need some advise?

It a nut shell, I have no luck with women anymore, within the last 5 years my dating life has just been a cluster fuck, every time I'm around women I get angry, pissed off, and just plain ignore them, I'm no where near gay and I just asking myself why. Tonight I figured it out why, every single women I have ever been with has treated me like absolute shit, not a single one I have ever been with, has been a good experience, never a happy moment, just bullshit. It's to the point where all I want is sex and that's it, that's the vibe I give off and I know I turn a lot of women off by that. Being around women doesn't make me happy anymore, I expect to be treated like shit so I don't even bother, don't care, I just expect misery. I don't open up anymore because of it, I keep to myself, I go for my random one night stands, instead of dating, and now there's just a lot of hate. My question to you is how do I change this, if can, or is it to late and should I just give up?


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  • The first step is recognizing the problem. The next step is accepting your responsibility for the problem. You're on your way.

  • Well our past shape our future. You have a right to think like that as feminism has made it cool and trendy, as well as, our social climate currently to treat men like shit.

    What i recommend is to forget about woman and not care about sex. Too much BS in dating anyways with women expecting men to do practically everything just for them to spread their legs.