Why did this girl who gave me a dirty look and not talk for such a long time send me a email 8 months later asking Hope you're well?

For 8 months, We never talked to each other and she would look at me and
1) give me a dirty look
2) look at me and walk away.
3) When I was walking behind her, she walked to the other side of the road.
4) When I look at her, she looked down.

I thought her action were weird. I never met the girl before this job but I felt she had something against me for some reason even though I never met her in past.
I never talked to her about her actions toward me.

I did speak to her colleagues and help them and go up to her floor every week but she never talked to me.

After 8 months of going up to her floor every week, she sent me a email with the following even though I never talked to her she knew my name to send me a direct email with the following:
Hi, Name
Hope you're well! asking me If I was the right person asking If I was the right person to tell her something.


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  • Just talk to her and tell her you are confused to why she is now contacting you after all this time and how you thought she felt about you. A lot of times people are perceived as being disgusted or being mad when they aren't even. Sometimes I give people this "nasty" look that I'm unintentionally giving. Just be blunt, best, quickest and easiest way to figure something out.

  • Maybe she sent it to the wrong person


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