Advice for trying to date shy inexperienced girl?

To keep things short a class I am in at college worked for two weeks with another class on a project.

I thought this girl was really cute and kept trying to talk to her and she kept ignoring me.

Then after a few days of trying to talk to her and getting ignored, I noticed she was staring at me. She came over to me. She always wears a pony tail and suddenly she pulled it out and let down her hair and got this weird smile on her face and started talking to me. Then the next day she wasn't wearing her glasses and seemed like she was taking more care of her appearance. She came over to me and started talking to me then mentioned how she forgot her glasses.

Anyways she kept smiling every time she saw me and wanting to talk to me and I got her # and added her on facebook.

Well she only has 30 facebook friends. There were only a couple guys so I looked through them and they all seemed to be family or family friends. Her family seems religious and I'm wondering if she was homeschooled.

I started wondering if she had any experience with guys at all. All we ever talked about was tv shows she liked but we got along. I was the only person she talked to in our classes.

I felt nervous but finally messaged her today. She hasn't replied but it was just today. Should I just call her? I had to try over and over again to get her to talk to me in the first place.

Maybe I'm wrong, but if she really is super inexperienced talking to guys how do I get to know her?


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  • Talk to her? Don't think into things, that's how you make the simple things hard to do. Just say hi and talk to her in person or message her or ask for her number or something, get to know her then judge from there. Don't make assumptions, there's no reason to, she's right there for you to get to know her and she seems like she's trying to talk to you. Some people may seem like they ain't fun or chill or crazy but when you get to know them you actually see the true beauty in them. Good luck!


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  • LOL well good luck mate. I hope that you fair better than I am doing right now.
    From what I can tell she most likely likes you. Cause she is shy she will take a while to warm up to you.- Me it took me 6 months for my crush to warm up to me. Enough to talk to me alone without her freind or sister. Well actually let me rephrase that it took 6 months for us to be able to talk without it getting awkward and the conversation just ending. Even if she does like you back. She most likely won't show it and will hide it if she does. My crush has known for a month that I like her cause I gave her a nice handwritten note telling her that she is lovely inside and out and that I like her as more than a freind. During that month we have gotten closer but recently she just started ignoring me kind of like yours did or is doing. She however seems to light up when I go over to talk with her. She looks like I just walked into the room even though I have been in the same room as her for a while. During the time that she has been ignoring me her hugs seem to be getting closer and warmer. So I think that she has started to really like me back but does not want me to know about it or at least that is what our freinds tell me. I'm going to try to ask her out soon. I just hope that I don't freeze up again and loose another change to talk to her alone.
    With her your most likely going to have to warm her up more. Make her feel comfortable around you. She won't trust you with very personal matters so just stick to what she does tell you. Don't worry about the message she will like it more when you talk to her face to face. With her get to know her flirt with her try to touch her. Wait until like the end of the semester and then just ask her out. Even if it is to get coffee on campus. Also with the religious part you will need to be of the same religion for her to date you.
    The way you get to know her is by just being with her and talking to her. She will open up in time. Don't force it she will open up like a flower in her own time.
    If you have any question message me and Ill try to answer them for you.

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