First date went so well and ended with a kiss, but he hasn't asked me out again?

It was on Saturday (second date). We had lunch then took a walk and sat on a bench. We spoke and laughed for hours. We never ran out of things to talk about, and he basically made up excuses to touch me the whole time. At one point he kissed me, it was short but nice. We felt a bit awkward after, with a moment of silence. But I didn't know how to act as it was my very first kiss ever (I'm 20). Anyways, the conversation picked up after that and we spoke for about an hour more. He walked me to my car, we hugged and he kissed my forehead and then kissed me on the lips again.
So I texted him after sorta saying sorry about my awkwardness, that I'm new to this kind of thing. He said it was fine :) We've texted a bunch since, thanks to me tho.
Cut to today, Halloween, I asked if he wanted to join my friends and me to walk downtown where everyone goes dressed up and stuff, he said he'd let me know if he was going, but didn't.
I'm an over-thinker, so maybe this is all in my head and I'm just being impatient or whatever. But I really want to hang out with him again... I don't know if he's disinterested or what... but I want him so bad now. Should I ask him to hang out sometime this week or what?


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  • Aha! I can see the man's tricks are working on you. Now you cannot resist him! You long for him. You think about him. See, his plan worked perfectly!

    Give it another week. Send him a message sometime soon (in the next few days) and see if he wants to hang out again. If not, then he is prob not interested.


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  • I don't think you're over thinking..
    He should have let you know if he's going or not and he really not even going to do that?

    There are plenty stories where girls had great date her date tried to touch her kiss her they laughed and talked for hours but they don't hear from guys anymore..
    I'm not saying you are the case, but I just want you to prepare for the worst..

    You can definitely ask him to hang out. If he likes you he will be glad that you asking him out. But he comes up with lame busy be/whatever excuses and doesn't suggest any alternative plan when he says he can't,, you know the answer.

    • it's not that i'm not hearing from him. we've been talking since the date, and he did actually tell me: "i can't hang out tonight" through text.. I don't know i just got the vibe he really wants more out of this too. inviting me to things months in advance, like casually bringing up things he's doing and saying i can go with him... why am i so confused?

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    • I see. It could be that he's still interested.
      But the concert part I wouldn't bother asking him again..
      If he's interested enough he would have brought that up and asked you if you still would like to go.
      He hasn't and if that's because he doesn't want to, it would be pushy if you ask him about the concert.
      How often do you communicate? Because I dated a guy who texted me every day morning/night, through out the day and it turned out he's sending copy paste morning night texts to girls he's dating at the same time... he would still keep the communication going yet didn't bother asking me out. I would listen to your guts. But then again it's only been few days since your last date.. I wouldn't worry much just wait till end of this week to see how it goes.

    • I really want to ask him about the concert. I brought up the singer and texted him asking if "so and so" was the one he mentioned to me the other day. He messaged me first today, by the way. We talk every day basically, all day.

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  • Yes, you should ask to hang out. Maybe he was just really busy that day. If you two couldn't stop laughing, never ran out of things to talk about, kissed, twice, and he is fine that you are new at dating, he seems like he is definitely interested.

  • "but I want him so bad now." ----- By this i can see your impatient LOL, now you need to relax and let him do the rest...

    • lol, it's that obvious? yeah i totally need to relax, not gonna give up on him :)

    • Yes LOL , but hope everything works out :P

  • Wait so your last date was Saturday?

    Be patient.

    • Yeah it was. I'm just really new to dating... like how far apart are dates usually? If you guys really like each other?

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    • Oh wow, ok. I didn't know! Thank you. I mean, I can still message him and stuff right?

    • Sure go for it.

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  • "But I really want to hang out with him again..." Tell him exactly that, and how your very much interested for a 3rd date. And if he is caught up with work or family matters, to please let you know. Wait one more day before you try reaching him again. Overall your not over reacting too much, but you do sound a bit impatient.

    • Ok! I'll try and tell him. He got a hold of me first today, which was nice. I brought up the artist he was wanting to go to the concert for next week. Waiting for a response. I didn't explicitly say "the concert", I really want him to invite me again. Should I be like "Are you still going to his concert next week?" Or something like that?

    • @Asker

      Just ask him if he is free overall. You want to feel comfortable to tell you himself.

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