How important is height in Northern Europe?

I’m a 19 year old girl and I am in my second year of university in Norway

First semester there was a guy that I was friends with. We went to lectures together and ate together occassionally. I thought he was really cool and I asked him out. He told me that he only dated “tall girls.” Okay, I didn’t let it effect me, stayed friends and all that. It wasn’t until last semester that I met another guy that I liked. He was struggling with math and I helped him study each week. I finally asked him out just a few days ago and he essentially said that I was too short for him. I’m 163cm (5’4”) tall. The first guy was significantly taller than me (maybe 5’11”) and the second guy was slightly taller

I was taken aback to be honest. I had no idea that height was an issue. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved being short, I like the feeling of being the little girl. I’ve always been the shortest girl in the group/class/team, but I certainly never thought it was a negative thing. It was very surprising to me because it is something that I had genuinely never considered. I’d date a men who was anywhere from 5' to 6’5", it doesn’t bother me at all. I do a lot of sport and I’m in good shape, I have a decent looking face/teeth.

So, how important is height to Northern European men? Have I had a bit of bad luck or is this something that I’m going to have to get used to? I understand that everyone has different preferences and such, I just want a realistic idea of it’s importance.



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  • Pretty sure they just used that as an excuse to be nice and turn you down. Kinda like when saying "not ready for a relationship" meaning "not ready for a relationship with you".

    Generally speaking most men do not give a flying rats assabout height as long as she isn't taller than him or a midget.

    • ohhhhh thanks God. :D If most guys dont care it, I am OK :D

    • No biggie. Really, I am from Germany and we are pretty tall as well - and most guys here don't care. I highly doubt it's really much different in the scandinavian countries. And if it was, then see it as a pre-selection about shallow guys.

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  • I thought only men got rejected for not being tall enough. I guess in Scandinavia the men are quite tall so they maybe feel awkward dating short girls. Its not like 5ft 11 is massive. I'm like 5 ft 9 and would be considered a bit short. Plenty guys would date a girl 5ft 4 so no biggie.

  • I have never rejected a girl only because of their short height. But a lot of my friends does. It sounds superficial but 165cm girl and 180cm guy look weird together. They want their girlfriend to be around same height, generally.

  • Very important. They take it seriously

    • Wow. Where do you know? :D

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  • I live in Sweden
    These guys are very superficial if they reject you only because of your height.
    But yes, height is the most important attraction factor in here. 5'4" is even shorter than our average so it may be problem for guys.
    Dont feel sad about it. There are guys who dont care about it.