IF a guy begins behaving in this manner is he being more friendly? or possibly a sign of interest?

I'm a first year universe student and few weeks ago a guy in which i sat about a seat away from but never spoke to me and we began speaking and we eventually found out we had the same major and then in our following classes we would say hi to one another or simply ask how are you and have small talk before class and during class. On Wednesday last week we were the only two people in our row so he began speaking to me even more, we then found out we lived close to one another, and he for example showed me an app he used on his phone and mentioned to me that he would go to his friend’s house after class and so on. We then took the train home together and then we had a full conversation , he then asked me what I did outside of school and we just discussed my various relocations and had a nice conversation, when it came to his stop as I was about to wave him goodbye, he then hugged me and gave me a kiss on both cheeks. The next morning to my surprise he had added me on Facebook, keep in mind we had no mutual friends that I knew off and I’m shocked on how he even knew my real Facebook name so I accepted his Facebook request. Today we chatted and he then started the conversation by asking me what was going on in my life and what I planned to do after the end of the semester and I just told him I wanted to do something fun and relaxing and he asked me to define what fun was to me and we just joked around and spoke. He then went on to tell me that he hoped to one day have a nice house and a fireplace and just a nice life after university during the end of our conversation he then told me he wanted to ask me a very strange question and he began looking down on his pants and then suddenly asked me if I had pliers to fix his jeans. As we were talking I notice he would look around , seemed fidgety and plain nervousness at times, when he looked at me he would smile and just dreamy.
I'm 20 and he is 22

Also I noticed as he was leaving class he began singing a song and wold input my name in between the lines and anytime he had a joke he would mention the joke to me.


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  • Stop reading signs and make a move. Anything after that is speculation and theories that are not 100% factually correct. Just like this long post no one won't read ( not trying to be mean) you get a better answer by asking him to hang out.


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