Are soul mates a thing?

I went on two dates with a guy I really liked we got along on so many levels, had the same taste in music , art and the chemistry was on fire but the dating thing didn't work out because of some stupid misunderstandings and breakdown in communication and he decided it was best if we stopped communicating and I agreed. But its so weird how he keeps invading my thoughts, I can't seem to forget him or get him out of my mind. I have encountered other guys but i am just not interested because i end up wishing it was him. Something inside of me feels like ours wasn't a random encounter but then i end up feeling dumb cause he probably doesn't even remember i exist.


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  • I have had that feeling but it is more of you wanting what you can't have and the thoughts of what might have been. They are very aluring. Over time those feelings will fade and you will forget him. Don't feel dumb your feeling what your feeling and because you really liked him your still feeling it. Just let those feelings happen fighting them will only hurt more and they won't stop.


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  • I kinda know exactly how you feel. You have no control over your thoughts and he always seems to pop into them at the most inconvenient times! You will always compare others to him without even realising it. For me, I think it is because of unfinished business. When you two parted ways, he may have been able to say what was on his mind, but you may not have had the chance to defend yourself on his points, and now its the "what if's" that are tormenting you. He is probably not your soul mate, but a one that got away.

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