How do I sound as a potential boyfriend?

I'm convinced I'm not "ugly" and I'm not saying I'm attractive and I'm not the tallest (174cm) but I'm in decent enough shape and my face isn't tragic.

I'm secure in my full time job, I'm debt free and have healthy savings for my future. I certainly don't have any crazy ex relationships with kids involved or anything like that. Basically I'm saying I don't come with any baggage and I'm independent.

I have never been abroad but I have developed ambitions to run the major city marathons across the world. This would allow me to finally visit new places while indulging in my love for running too. My ultimate goal is to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. I'd love to be able to make these journeys and have experiences with someone.

My problem is try as I might I have only even had one girlfriend in my life. That was 10 years ago and lasted just over a year. Now a lot of my time I haven't put myself in situations to find a girl but the last few years I feel I've made a concious effort with no success.

I just want to hear what girls think of how I sound. I can put up photos of myself if I really have to.

I will be happy to share some of my experiences if that would better help folk understand my situation.

Thanks for reading.


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  • You sound like you've got your life sorted, well done! It's a massive accomplishment to have stability and focus on what you want especially at so young an age.
    Good luck lady hunting, she'll be very lucky 😊

    • Thank you.

      I guess I have developed many insecurities when it comes to girls and that probably shows one way or another.

      I'm pretty confident when it comes to other things so I have always wondered if there is just something really wrong with me.

    • Build some confidence up with women then 😊 Go speed dating or to gatherings on Meetup with the vision to hone your socialisation and flirting skills with a variety of women. I'm sure they'll be able to alleviate some of the worries you may have honey

  • You sound just fine:) Women love men that are responsible and have a vision set for their lives. You will find a woman that will appreciate all of these qualities just out yourself out there and strike up a conversation with a girl you are potentially interested in.

    • Thanks. I guess there is a girl I would quite like to talk to that I see at the gym. She does always smile and ask how I am doing. My problem is I've never been very good with small talk. I can stand and talk about subjects for hours but when it comes to asking "what's going on" or "how was your workout" I somehow just can't do it. I find it dull to ask questions that will inevitably be answered with "yeah good thanks" even though I know that's what people do.