Worried about my boyfriend meeting someone new?

My boyfriend is moving to NYC for university and I am worried because I know the types of girls that are there are usually half naked or scantily clad & it worries me. We've been together for over two years and I've been cheated on before by my ex twice & my current boyfriend I love very much & I know I can't go through that again. I keep seeing recent Halloween images of the girls there in NYC and some are even topless. It really worries me. Also because he's going to be alone, at school and working he's going to be busy so he and I won't talk as much so I'll never know?


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  • My boyfriend lives in his luxury apt in NYC makes hell a lot of money. What you worry about your college boyfriend is really nothing compare to mine lol
    Unless your boyfriend loves to go out to clubs and bars, I wouldn't worry.
    It's not like people in NYC just grab someone random and ask for their number. A lot of young souls out there and dating scenes every night but as long as he loves you and he's not that kind of guy who would go out of his way to cheat on his girlfriend... he wouldn't.
    But I know where exactly you coming from.
    What I do to make my insecurity go away is just trust him and know that there's no girl out there like me who can be a cute pretty loving caring sexy girlfriend for him lol just never show him insecurity or jealous side of you. Keep being the best girlfriend. If some girls try to talk to him, let them. He will eventually know there's no girl like you. If he leaves you for stupid random girl he found that's his huge loss.
    Like you need to have this kind of attitude to deal with insecurity, jealousy. But most importantly trust him.
    And if he's being too busy/acting distant, have a sit down talk. We all know that NOBODY is too busy for their girlfriend.
    I dated freaking busy docs, lawyers from large firm in NYC and I know this from my own. when a guy gives you a busy be excuse, it's a major bullshit.

    • He's a bartender but he would never step foot in a club he's got a job offer as head bartender at a five star hotel. So yeah I know he hates clubs and he's not looking for a girl who would be half dressed. He is really busy atm because he works 16hours a day. I've had the chat with him when he first started getting busy but he assured me it was work as his new job is at a restaurant and cafe so they're open morning till 1am. I did doubt him at first about being busy but I do believe him. Now. What do you think?

    • As for insecure... He tells me I'm the most beautiful girl in the world and I could have any man I wanted. Thing is I don't see myself that way and I see things in him that I don't want other girl's to see. He's not just my college boyfriend he's told me were getting married and we've been together for so long and have invested so much

  • As a NY girl I can tell you we don't really like clothes but if your boyfriend really loves you and you two have a future together then he won't pay attention to us

    • Lol you're Joking about the no clothes right? See I know what you mean but the whole if he loves you he won't isn't comforting. He told me wants to marry me but I'm worried once he's there his mind will change

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    • It feels like he loves you and I doubt he'll want to leave you for a girl he just met.
      That being said if he doesn't like girls with modifications and doesn't like ripped jeans then he won't find many girls he'll like here.
      I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    • Well he wants me to get a belly button piercing and he once suggested my nipples as a joke lol but he doesn't like tattoos andripped jeans are a no no. I don't wear a scarf on my. Head but I do dress appropriately and he likes that. His mom would definitely not be accepting a girl that dresses with her body showing since she's quite religious and although he isn't there are boundaries for him... I just don't want him to have any one night stands or anything. I know he'll be away and we're not going to be able to have sex but I do love him&I I can't take another episode of being cheated on it really makes you feel worthless