What's this guy's problem? Very confused!!

OK this is how I see it: – in short – met with this guy a few times – get on really well –slept with him … blah, and so I think it’s FWB which is fine by me BECAUSE I’ve started to like and date someone else … which he doesn’t know about.

MEANWHILE, I was messaging a guy I met on a night out for about 2 weeks who knows the FWB guy … BUT the FWB guy got told I met up with the Messaging guy for a drink last night and said the next day, that I was mean, as he must of thought I was stringing him along.

But why? Am I just clueless, rude or did I give off the wrong impression entirely?

Sheesh, can’t I go out for a drink “just as friends?”

And why should the FWB guy care? Does he even see it as FWB? Over msn he jokingly said: “so was it a date?” …. What was that all about?


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  • it's none of his business as you're not in a serious relationship and you have no intention of being in one in spite of how many guys you go out with


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