How far an attraction between a teacher and a student can go?

If they both like each other but both are very shy. I'm talking about adult people in university (the teacher is male) where the age gap is less than 10 years.
I think he might ask me out if I'd be a little more open, but I don't want to do anything illegial. I don't like how he handles me differently. He let me know quite obviously that he has feelings for me, but I didn't respond. As a result, now it's almost unbearable to be in the same room with him. He now avoids asking me and whenever he sees me he sighs, for which I answer with another sigh. But despite of all, he's still nicer and also awkward around me.
I wonder if he will forget about me in time or will things remain the same for the rest of the time?
I can't choose other teacher for this subject, by the way.

But what to do then? If he knows that he can lose his jobs, he should have known it at the beginning.
Even if he can't do anything will he be able to handle me just a normal student? Without favoring me?
Thank you for your answers! I've been thinking the same way, that's why it's very hard. I would never under any circumstances start an affair with him while he's teaching me, even if I like him and find him cute. Hopefully he will stop eventually, after realizing I'm not going to play this game. I guess I'll just have to survive those lessons with him somehow. It won't be easy, though.


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  • Sigh.. if he is your teacher he should maintain his professionalism at ALL times. the saying don't crap where you eat is good advice for a reason. What happens if you do engage with "more" with him. Their really isn't any good outcomes in that scenario and if it goes south all it takes is some "rumors" and his career is in the trash... all for what? Catching feelings and some meaningless sex? Just drop the idea of anything from him it's best for both of you.


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  • He can't do anything because he's your teacher he can lose his job. If he does just remember you are probably not the first and won't be the last

    • It's not your problem to deal with that's his go to school focus on that

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  • If a female teacher is young and hot, then a guy will be very attracted.

  • 2-3 year age gap between student and teacher may be a little aceptble but that may still seem a bit weird


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