Should a women put as much time into STARTING a relationship as a man?

I find that ever since moving to America from Canada a lot is different. The one I'd like to bring up is girls. I find that since moving from Canada, some girls put like 0% of the effort in into starting a relationship. I am currently going through that now, and the worse part is she is my friend (probably going to be a was because I hate it when people ignore me for no reason) and is pretty extroverted and I'm pretty introverted and shy. When I told girls I liked them in Canada, if they liked me back we both put 50/50 into starting a relationship; it wasn't one sided. But since moving to the U. S. A. and telling one of my friends I liked her (she told me she liked me back) she ignores me telling my friends she expects me to start a conversation. My friends tell me it's the man who does ALL the work but I find that really stupid. If a woman wants a man, and the man wants the woman, shouldn't the woman have to work just as hard as the man?

I find woman who want the man to do all the work aren't worth any time. Even if you feel the same way back, I don't really care. It should be 50/50 or something around there (60/40).

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What Girls Said 1

  • If I like a guy, I put in the effort to see him, to talk and keep in touch, etc. Who wants to spend their time just waiting on someone? Seems boring and pointless.


What Guys Said 1

  • YES YES YES, so much yes! I willing to put plenty of work into starting a relationship, however I'm a pretty introverted guy so making all the first moves is hard for me. Also I'm probably not going to keep putting work in if the girl isn't putting any in or showing interest.