How large are my chances with this guy?

A guy at my students club, he's nearly 9 years older than me and I met him because Im going to take over his (voluntary) job of lay-out of the club's magazine. He's very nice, not really a student anymore though. Im 19 and he's 27.
I haven't seen him a lot of times yet and I want to know before I start to feel anything more serious. Is it likely a guy his age would like a girl my age?
We have similar humor and get along well.


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What Guys Said 1

  • the age is fine, i hope im not considered old at 27 if i managed to get a girl aged 19.
    id be over the moon havn a 19yr girlfriend so id say you are in for a good shot with this guy.
    Ask him out for coffee or something and see what he says before getting more attached to him.

    • He still needs to teach me how to work with some programs and I'll see him around anyways, so I think I'll let it develop naturally. I like to become friends before dating. Plus Im far too insecure to ask someone out.

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  • Why not. I think you have big chances if he likes you. 9 years older at your age is still ok and many men like younger women. And I think that age doesn't matter in this situation if you get along well. I am 19 and dated older men too.