How does a 30 year old ask out a 20 year old?

title ^.
two go to school together, so have history, not strangers.
they know each others age, so keep ur age crap out of here.

would like some input on some ideas of what the younger girls would think of as sweet or something they would be highly inclined to say yes to if asked.

she has said NO before, but she also keeps coming back... and while she denies it, she basically asked me out on our last excursion. so help me get a yes out of her ;)


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  • Maybe take her on a candlelight dinner? dont really know this girl so won't be able to help too much

    • well we kind a went out once already and had a blast as far as i could tell... being out and having fun is not the issue its GETTING her out and admitting we are going out and on a date is what i want her to do :(. is there something i can say to her to admit that?

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    • she always dodged it... but i finally pined her down just recently, right before we went out on our big trip. she said she wasn't attracted to me... i dont want to puff up my own smoke, but i have always been told im very good looking. i am in pretty good shape. been getting in even better shape over the past few months even actually... kinda feel like its for her lol. i know what her last boyfriend looked like, and personally i think i outclass them... so im confused. it seems like a copout to me. :( i recently shaved all my facial hair again... after she made me grow it. though i think she didn't like it. because that is when everyone thought i was really young looking. so even in the past 30ish days i have changed a decent amount... good/bad i guess since i still dont know exactly what she does like/does not. but they were chubby, so i hope she does not like chubby guys lol

    • I think you should do what you feel looks good for you, sometimes girls do not find out if they like you if you are chasing them or always around them. If a guy did that for me i would love to be with him all the time but that is my opinion. Girls generally wish for something they dont or can't have and settle for someone who they think are okish. maybe try the other way, like not going after her and backing off a bit. Going out with other friends and having some time to yourself

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  • If you're both students go to a new library to study in the middle afternoon (2/3pm). Library and coffee seem to go together. Maybe pay for her coffee before you start studying. If she adamantly agrees to pay you back, Then just let her know she can get the next one. If you study for long enough, you'll eventually get hungry. Bring her to a restaurant for dinner. It'll seem completely natural... A couple that eats together is one that stays together... Good luck :)


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