Sex on the first date, now what?

I met a long lost friend for a weekend getaway. I really like this guy, and I thought he liked me. I was stupid enough to have sex with him during that weekend. We did much more than that though, we talked, and shopped, and had a picnic, just spent some real quality time together. Well since that weekend, we still communicate via email and text, but he hasn't asked to see me again. Have I totally screwed everything up by having sex with him? Is there anything I can do now that may help? Should I ask him to meet again? Please help!


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  • You haven't screwed up anything by having sex with him. Whether or not you have a shot with this guy depends on HIM. If he only wanted to have sex with you, then his mission is accomplished. But if he IS interested in a relationship, then he's not gonna take off just because you had sex with him on the first date but he might think that YOU were only looking for sex.

    If I were you, I would ask him out. Make it clear that you're interested in more than just a sexual relationship.


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  • Most likely he won't be interested again because he figures you do that every weekend. Sorry, but that's probably what he thinks.


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