Should I end it?

thought I was stronger however turns out I'm not over my ex & I'm still suffering from a bit of depression because of all the stuff he put me through.. I don't want him back either but I thought I'd forget with time but it's been a year and it still hurts a lot and I just don't feel like I'm ready for love anymore so should I end it with the guy I'm currently seeing? He's so sweet but I feel like I just need time alone to heal at this point


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  • No do not end it with the guy you are seeing. Talk to the guy you are seeing about your feelings for your ex and such. He could help u get through this hurdle.

    • I can't, he would get so upset

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    • I'm just scared I guess

    • Do not be scared to , just end all with the ex. You should not be involved with both emotionally at the same time.