Why does he always look at this one korean girl? He's never dated or liked an asain girl?

There's this guy I know that always looks at this asain girl in our class. He's pretty popular and he dated a volleyball player that's blond and a cheerleader. Why would he suddenly like this asain girl? I also see some other boys in my class staring at her but there are other asain girls at my school too so why wasn't he that interested in them? And plus he doesn't have a history of dating asain girls and neither do his friends that look at her. I think he likes her or something which i find so weird because he's never liked an asain person. Does he think she's especially pretty? !

  • He's converted to liking asain girls exclusively
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  • He thinks this particular girls Really pretty
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  • He likes this particular girl
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  • Once you go Asian, you can never get over that persuasion. Yellow fever is a real thing. I got it, tried to fight it and then accepted it.

    He could also just be very attracted to this girl. Just because you don't have a history of dating a certain race, that doesn't mean you don't find them attractive. For instance, I've never (successfully) dated a Latin girl but they are definitely attractive.


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  • What is wrong with you? 👀?

    • What do you mean?

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    • I'm just stating the facts I never said she's ugly or called her names I was just wondering why he likes her

    • Omg!! You're so weird.

      Maybe you're paranoid. That's all.

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